# 1 By : Tess

This has to stop! Elephants are not toys! You are making this world a hell hole. Especially for these beautiful animals. STOP THIS NOW!!!!!

12/10/2018 01:31:08 | IP :
# 2 By : Christine

This has to stop immediately! This practice is inhumane and your abuse of elephants is outrageous! You are hitting and pulling and torturing these elephants, shame on you, for doing something so heinous to a beautiful creature that lives amongst you. Instead you could be showing these animals in their glory doing natural things just living their natural lives, but instead this cheap dumb circus act only shows your own stupidity and ignorance. Visitors want to learn about these animals what they are really like, they are already majestic. You make humans look like complete ignorant insane savages. Anyone even coming up with this idea needs to see a therapist and anyone following suit is even worse. STOP THIS NOW!!!!!

22/09/2018 18:05:41 | IP :
# 3 By : Allison

This is DISGUSTING! All living things should be treated with respect! You tortured these poor animals to do this. We all know that. You are not humane. You are monsters who are doing this to make a buck. Shame on you!

19/09/2018 00:09:52 | IP : 162.248.234.
# 4 By : Gordon

Oh please stop this cruelty of making elephants dance in a deep swimming pool that forces them erect. Leave animals their dignity as beings. She was your mother in a past life.

01/09/2018 10:50:58 | IP :
# 5 By : CONORD

How can you promote that kind of horible things you do with elephants ? Have you ever wondered why others zoos don't show elephant swimming ? Maybe because this is atrocious ! I imagine that yours elephants are tortured when they are youngers to obey to orders. Animals are not toys ! Please stop that !

23/05/2018 15:09:00 | IP :


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